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INDIA IS TRADITIONALLY a country of artistic crafts and handicrafts. For a long period of time these craft works in India were found to be concentrated in specific geographical locations based upon a system of agricultural occupational specialization which in small segments of community created a special art folk. Mat weavers, specialized in weaving of varieties of mats constitute a section of such Indian art folk. Mats in India are of different kinds and are produced in different parts of the country. However, the finer variety of mats, especially manufactured from madur grass (Cyperus tegetum) is concentrated in south-eastern part of the district of West Midnapore. (Link to .....Impact Study.......)

Achievements: A district Level Society has been formed containing the all Artisans engaged with Madur Activity for better development & marketing. Total 09 nos. of Common Production Centre is developed and another 05 nos. of Common Production Centre is under construction.

TPC :  Rs. 1000.00 lakhs