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Ethnic character dolls handmade from Natungram village, Agradeep of Bardhaman district, West Bengal, are curved in wood and decoratively painted by a group of rural crafts persons. The owl, with its unique design and colours, is the brand product of the village. The traditional designs based on culture and mythology, the richness of Ideas, the brilliant combination of pure simplicity and glamour combined with the master craftsmanship of die craft persons, result in an amazing work of art. About 60 families living in the area are involved in doll making. In this family based craft, both men and women have key role.
WBKVIB has assigned by Govt. of W.B, for taking up the hard intervention part e.g. construction of common facility centre, providing working capital and so on and soft intervention part has been taken up by UNESCO through its local partner Bangla Natok Dot com.