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Baluchari sarees often had depictions from scenes of Mahabharata and Ramayana. During the Mughal and British eras, they had a square design in the pallu with a feather motif in them. It would take two craftsmen to work for almost a week to produce one saree. The main material used is silk and the saree is polished after weaving. These sarees were mostly worn by women from upper class and Zamindar households in Bengal during festive occasions and weddings.
The Baluchari saree was one of the award winners for the main weaving styles amongst thirty four National Awards for the years 2009 & 2010 presented by the Hon. President Pranab Mukherjee.
Baluchari Saree of Bankura is also being showcased at the India International Trade Fair organised at New Delhi. The pavilion of Bengal, has prominently displayed those products of handicrafts and handloom sector which have been recognised for their unique nature keeping the theme "Skilling India" in view.
Baluchari thus prepared, becomes the sign of aristocracy the attire of status. Maintenance of quality of Baluchari saree is taken care of precisely. The quality is checked from the stage of dying of the yarn to the packaging of the saree. From past to present, Baluchari saree has a great demand, particularly among off learnt people, due to its quality, Uniqueness in design and rich tradition.
WBKVIB wants to capitalise this demand, tries to extend its production area from Bishnupur to Sonamukhi of Bankura District, in order to improve the Livelihood of weavers in and around Sonamukhi.
Few Years ago, Sonamukhi Silk Production Centre at Sonamukhi was established by WBKVIB for producing the silk Fabrics with the help of some Skilled Spinners & Weavers in the local area. For the interest of the Centre, WBKVIB has constructed a building Cum- Workshed as a Common Facility Centre in its own land and set up two no. of Jacquard Looms including the Computer Aided Design (CAD) machine. It was done with a view to facilitate the local Weavers for Producing the Baluchari saree.
In this Context, WBKVIB has already organised the suitable skill development Training Programme on weaving of Baluchari saree to the 60 Nos. Weavers of Sonamukhi Resham Shilpi Samabaya Sangha Ltd., Ranpur Mahamaya Khadi Gramodyog Samity and Sri Gandhi Ashram, Sonamukhi, Bankura. But due to paucity of fund as well as lack of awareness among the Societies, the production of fashionable Baluchari Saree have not yet been produced in the locality and the skill of such trained artisans were not properly utilised by those Societies. For development of the Silk Industry, as well as to make proper utilisation of investment made already by the Board. We select the Sonamukhi Block area for producing the Silk Sarees as Baluchari design through the facilitating agencies. Using the latest fashion designs and Craftsmanship particularly Baluchari Saree for women can cater to the huge and fast growing Consumer markets that exist in all Cities, Towns and Districts of India.
West Bengal Khadi and Village Industries Board has already set up a Common Facility Centre at Sonamukhi with a view to provide skill development training to the weavers in jacquard weaving, specially Baluchari weaving, its designing, and diversification.
So far proper utilisation of skill of local weaver, as well as the fund already invested by the Board in the form of soft and hard intervention at Sonamukhi. Board has planned to introduce modern design and look to the traditional Baluchari. It is hoped that proper diversification and Value-addition in these traditional products may increase the demand resulting in development of livelihood of the artisans.
Simultaneously due to lack of man-power as well as lack of proper Knowledge in modern technology /design of the staff of the Board, the Board has decided to launch the project in Public- Private-Partnership model. The Private partner will have to enrich the Board by providing modern technology, design, diversification of products and proper utilisation of CAD Centre.

Project on Baluchari at Sonamukhi Block, Total Project Cost- 70.48 lakhs Employment – 180 Nos.