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West Bengal Khadi and Village Industries Board (WBKVIB) is pleased to submit this proposal for the promotion of Comprehensive Mulberry Silk Weaving production and market the products produced from Silk under Kalimpong Crafts. The main purpose of the project is to produce high quality silk weaving. The project will be implemented at Gram Panchayat level in District of Kalimpong and some parts of Darjeeling in West Bengal.

To materialize the above proposed activities, the Common Facility Centre (CFC) equipped with Automatic Silk Reeling Unit with Climate Control Facilities for the quality production of Silk in the region for the first time, creating employment opportunities for the unemployed as well as the farmers who are already engaged in the activities of Silk Rearing along with Training Centre with hostel facility having capacity of 100 beds under the Hard Intervention Part of the Project.

The proposal aims to put forth a framework plan by which the upcoming Silk Reeling and Weaving industry shall provide new employment opportunities to the local unemployed women and shall further strengthen the skill set of the existing farmers as well as uplifting the standards and product quality of the existing weaving industry in the area of Silk Production. The generation of sale of the products to new and existing markets will enable artisans to augment their income and in the due course of time realize it into a sustained livelihood activity, thereby, promoting the regions’ handloom products and eventually helping the women grow into entrepreneurs in their own respective rights.

The proposed activity of sustainable income generation for artisans will impact whole communities by improving their quality of life along with economic growth potential. Furthermore, this effort to create well-functioning communities will have an impact in reducing unsafe migration.

Therefore, WBKVIB would like to create a skilled cadre of women artisans in the Kalimpong district. This will assist in the retention of local human resources and development of human and social capital which is an essential ingredient for self-reliance and self-sufficiency.(See the link ...Impact Study...)