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In the state of Assam, the women used to wear a traditional Saree during their festive occasions. It looks very much colourful and highly skillfulness when it is used. The original traditions Assamese Sarees is called Mekhla. Originally the term came from Mekhla Chaddor. The Saree has three unique parts. First part has the blouse piece matching with the Saree, Second part the skirt matching with the body of the Saree and third part is the Chaddor which is like the anchal of the Saree.

Though it is the traditional culture of Assam but in the district of Coochbehar near to Assam there are many villages at Tufanganj – II block who are producing the Mekhla and sell at Coochbehar market and Assam. There is nearly 525 nos. of houses containing 2615 nos. of Artisans engaged with this activity at Tufanganj block. see the link ...Impact Study...)